Saturday, May 5, 2007

Sculptz! shapewear by Silkies

"You'll love the NO-DIET way to look slimmer...INSTANTLY! and you'll LOVE your new sexier, slimmer-looking body!"

Highlights of this product:
*No more worries about panty lines!
*Wear those trendy jeans! Sculptz! flatten your belly.
*Wear clingy fabrics!
*Feel so pretty! The delicate lace trim adds a sweet feminine touch.

I will send away for my free sample on Monday. All I can say is that these had better work-they're like a last resort. I'm just absolutely sick of not feeling pretty on account of my lack of lace trimmed undergarments.

There will be an update as soon as my Sculptz! arrives. Stay tuned.

Here's our blog...

I just started out with something simple-one of you other N Murrays should probably take a look at it, edit it, and make it look all legit...anyway I'm excited.